@zachbrockIs this the greatest iPad toilet reading for musicians (and the musi-curious) yet? #holyshat #fb http://t.co/db4sdQk35HReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock“Being New Yorkers, a little anxiety can keep you safe, it’s not a bad thing. But undue anxiety is unproductive.” #nycethos #Cuomo #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock"Perpetuity" by Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock is now available on iTunes! #fb https://t.co/xagbcVD0g0 http://t.co/cFVUOsd2bAReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: New York, NY - Oct 27 at Rockwood Music Hall http://t.co/mXu2wnFpqWReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThanks for an amazing "Perpetuity" CD release weekend @thegreenmill !!!@DotTimeRecords @MFMMedia @howardreich @chicagotribune #GoBears #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHow did violinist Zach Brock deepen his art? With the help of pianist Phil Markowitz http://t.co/toWTfecgQq #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ This Weekend: Chicago, IL - Oct 18 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/bA6PFg0ZzmReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockFri/Sat at The Green Mill - Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock CD Release - http://t.co/yznF3ukvbsReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Who's Coming?: Philadelphia, PA - Nov 12 at Temple University http://t.co/laTCndvZV7ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Just Announced: Richmond, CA - Feb 28 at Point Richmond Jazz http://t.co/du1IlwK7CdReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: Brooklyn, NY - Oct 14 at Littlefield http://t.co/9jev8fGzEcReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @lessonface: #Jazz #violin master class with @zachbrock - Nov. 8. Attend online or in person. Enroll today! https://t.co/THa8zOm7iSReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Tomorrow: Brooklyn, NY - Oct 14 at Littlefield http://t.co/kYJieSUiV5ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: Chicago, IL - Oct 18 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/ilBIZetfVVReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: Chicago, IL - Oct 17 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/v2rRBysfJaReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockNext weekend at The Green Mill - Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock CD Release - http://t.co/mQCQO8wAJyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI'm teaching @TempleUniv this fall and wondering if you fine folks could hip me to some great stuff to check out in #Philadelphia ? #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock@mulery @WNYC @littlefieldnyc I'll rate my pizz third behind your music and my favorite radio station.ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @mulery: Best thing about the @WNYC pledge drive: @zachbrock's pizzicato. Hear the full thing on 10/14 @littlefieldnycReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI want to play the violin like @sonnylandreth plays the guitar. #inspiredReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHey, guess what the Amtrak station code is for Cumberland, MD? #seriouslyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock@marybuemusic You're welcome. Hope to see/hear you soon!ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockGuess what? Aspiring shredders can request lessons w/ me @intotheshed & propose times that are best for them! http://t.co/bmcmZeFpYc #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @PRI: The Rockefellers call it quits on oil, divest themselves from fossil fuel industries http://t.co/qFYb4PSwvWReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCongratulations to @CedilleRecords for 25 years of excellent recordings! But don't just take my word for it: http://t.co/I5rYnB7wSyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI've posted new online lesson times for 9/18-9/25 at http://t.co/bmcmZeFpYc See you @intotheshed #fbReplyRetweetFavorite