@zachbrock♫ Next Week: New York, NY - Oct 27 at Rockwood Music Hall http://t.co/mXu2wnFpqWReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThanks for an amazing "Perpetuity" CD release weekend @thegreenmill !!!@DotTimeRecords @MFMMedia @howardreich @chicagotribune #GoBears #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHow did violinist Zach Brock deepen his art? With the help of pianist Phil Markowitz http://t.co/toWTfecgQq #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ This Weekend: Chicago, IL - Oct 18 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/bA6PFg0ZzmReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockFri/Sat at The Green Mill - Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock CD Release - http://t.co/yznF3ukvbsReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Who's Coming?: Philadelphia, PA - Nov 12 at Temple University http://t.co/laTCndvZV7ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Just Announced: Richmond, CA - Feb 28 at Point Richmond Jazz http://t.co/du1IlwK7CdReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: Brooklyn, NY - Oct 14 at Littlefield http://t.co/9jev8fGzEcReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @lessonface: #Jazz #violin master class with @zachbrock - Nov. 8. Attend online or in person. Enroll today! https://t.co/THa8zOm7iSReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Tomorrow: Brooklyn, NY - Oct 14 at Littlefield http://t.co/kYJieSUiV5ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: Chicago, IL - Oct 18 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/ilBIZetfVVReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: Chicago, IL - Oct 17 at The Green Mill Jazz Club http://t.co/v2rRBysfJaReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockNext weekend at The Green Mill - Phil Markowitz & Zach Brock CD Release - http://t.co/mQCQO8wAJyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI'm teaching @TempleUniv this fall and wondering if you fine folks could hip me to some great stuff to check out in #Philadelphia ? #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock@mulery @WNYC @littlefieldnyc I'll rate my pizz third behind your music and my favorite radio station.ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @mulery: Best thing about the @WNYC pledge drive: @zachbrock's pizzicato. Hear the full thing on 10/14 @littlefieldnycReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI want to play the violin like @sonnylandreth plays the guitar. #inspiredReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHey, guess what the Amtrak station code is for Cumberland, MD? #seriouslyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock@marybuemusic You're welcome. Hope to see/hear you soon!ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockGuess what? Aspiring shredders can request lessons w/ me @intotheshed & propose times that are best for them! http://t.co/bmcmZeFpYc #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @PRI: The Rockefellers call it quits on oil, divest themselves from fossil fuel industries http://t.co/qFYb4PSwvWReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCongratulations to @CedilleRecords for 25 years of excellent recordings! But don't just take my word for it: http://t.co/I5rYnB7wSyReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI've posted new online lesson times for 9/18-9/25 at http://t.co/bmcmZeFpYc See you @intotheshed #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockWant to host a duo concert with Phil Markowitz and Zach Brock?https://t.co/cATKUfZvVSReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @Greenleaf_Music: New music coming your way! Check out Matt Ulery's release "In the Ivory," out tomorrow!! http://t.co/9Ac3rcg157ReplyRetweetFavorite


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"One doesn't work for effects, and one doesn't set up in the artist business. One studies and learns and works and thinks to develop oneself as an intelligent, sensitive, and aware human being: and out of the always-increasing resources of intelligence, sensitivity, an...

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