@zachbrockPlaying w/ @marksoskin & @Jazzflamer @KitanoNewYork TONIGHT. Cool music + sushi! See you there. #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockReally loved playing in Bielefeld at Bunker Ulmenwall. @ Bielefeld, DE http://t.co/Fn165ZYk5xReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockAs a kid I climbed onto the roof of a school w/ toy weapons, dressed as a ninja. Got busted by cops. Didn't get shot. #CrimingWhileWhite #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHamburg & Bremen Pt. 2 w/ Stephanie Nilles, Matt Wigton, & Fred Kennedy @ Fabrik, Hamburg http://t.co/O4zTnu8230ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockFun time in Rankweil, Austria w/ Stephanie Nilles & Co. @ Rankweil, Austria http://t.co/ZZnRkSvv2GReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHappy Thanksgiving from Nuremberg! @ Nuremberg Castle http://t.co/wlCpoI06wSReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockGermany/Austria here we come! See you tomorrow night. Rolling w/ @snillesmusic @MagicNumberTrio @Jazzineu http://t.co/jJstyPgSey #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @langfordjazz: Just re-learned an important lesson: There ain't nuthin' new in music. #ArtTatum #BenWebster http://t.co/tHEwZaDHEvReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockProud of my Fall Semester Small Ensemble @TempleUniv Deploying collective knowledge in 15min! Great poster too. #fb http://t.co/dkdNzyK5vkReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: Philadelphia, PA - Nov 12 at Temple University http://t.co/9hZ3NSbAkQReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Tomorrow: Philadelphia, PA - Nov 12 at Temple University http://t.co/KULNH53yUKReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @lailabiali: @zachbrock + @PhilMarkowitz = unparalleled beauty and brilliance on their new album Perpetuity http://t.co/2skjPabsrf http:…ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Next Week: Philadelphia, PA - Nov 12 at Temple University http://t.co/SttNZmn1kbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThanks to all who showed up @RockwoodNYC last night! Saw some old friends, made some new ones. John Putnam & Co rocked the house too! #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCheck out Zach Brock Radio on Pandora! http://t.co/eagvdTydrQReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: New York, NY - Oct 27 at Rockwood Music Hall http://t.co/OGhBrRd51dReplyRetweetFavorite


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