@zachbrockRT @brittfiddle: NY tonight thru the weekend! Tonight 730 @JalopyBrooklyn duo w/ Michael Daves (of @ThileDaves) then @gfbluegrass! Visit us…ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockLooking for a house concert/venue between Thomas, WV and NYC for this Sat. Could be an acoustic folk trio or just me solo. Message me! #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCurrently gathering the strength necessary to write a post about an amazing two weeks at Mike Block String Camp. #gratefulbeyondwords #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockMBSC concert is at 6:30PM instead of 7PM as listed. Playing music by @dave_douglas Aaron Goldberg @chrispotterjazz Joe Henderson and more!ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCheck out this article by Serenbe co-founder Marie Nygren about the AM we foraged for Chanterelles. Recipe included! http://t.co/z3HYAkVCNAReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThe aftermath of 7 1/2 holes of golf followed by all-you-can-eat barbecue. @ Vero Beach, FL http://t.co/cAGrQOJ88ZReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThe aftermath of 7 1/2 holes of golf followed by all-you-can-eat barbecue. @ Vero Beach, FL http://t.co/fbVpeYo7NkReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @davidlerner75: This @zachbrock song is helping me stay sane at this particular moment. Perhaps it'll do the same for you. #beautiful ht…ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockWant to have a lesson w/ me? Don't live in NYC? In a few weeks I'll begin scheduling lessons @intotheshed Excited to be a part of this crew!ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI just backed Banda Magda's 2nd Album: "Yerakina" on @Kickstarter http://t.co/hBIrm3vruXReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @sippcreative: @zachbrock here is to future COLLABS / spoken word and thanks for supporting my new Graphic Novel https://t.co/pFqq9x67haReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockGoodbye GA! Thanks to @ChattHillsMusic @serenbe and everyone who made my residency experience so amazing. I'll be back w/ new music. #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @fullyaltered: Bassist-composer @mulery releases "In The Ivory" on @Greenleaf_Music 09/16; followup to 2012 opus "By A Little Light" htt…ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockSharing a wonderful last evening w/ the Simblists. http://t.co/pjmzCKRZXXReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockMe and author/artist Kevin Sipp. @ Bosch Experience Center at Serenbe http://t.co/iwH02DFbUuReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockA bittersweet last day at @serenbe Looking forward to a nice hang w/ @sippcreative 2PM Bosch Center. Thanks to this wonderful community! #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThere is a special place in hell for people that illegally post other people's music on YouTube and then tag it with ads. #sadsacksofshitReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHanging w/ Terreon Gully in ATL @ City of Atlanta http://t.co/WGtwYZOrSxReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHot Georgia afternoon. @ Serenbe Farm http://t.co/ghQtRUt80oReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockReturn of The Coffee Achievers? Jazz (The Music of Coffee and Donuts) Has Respect, But It Needs Love http://t.co/T9xgFsW25e #prophetic #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockA great night @serenbe @chatthillsmusic Very special thanks to Louis Heriveaux, the great Freddy Cole, & Ron Simblist http://t.co/9BkOuZBq2vReplyRetweetFavorite


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