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Isn't it supposed to be SPRING!!?!?! Dreaming of summer music on the beach at the Mike Block String Camp :)
with Zach Brock Hanneke Block Joe Craven Casey Driessen Natalie Haas Jeremy Kittel Lauren Rioux Clay Ross Kai Welch Joe Walsh Kimber Ludiker Alex Hargreaves
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On this balmy 19 degree Maine Spring day, I find myself dreaming of teaching in warmer climates. Time to sign up for camps! Join me and more tremendous faculty at Mike Block String Camp this summer. Let's jam on the beach!

4 days ago

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Recording at #futurepaststudios today w/ #fireworksensemble & #gyanriley. Looking forward to hearing this beautiful room! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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@zachbrockPre-Order now available from the amazing Laila Biali now!!! House of Many Rooms - https://t.co/RPuduohu00 #lailabiali #radianceprojectReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockA great source of inspiration @dave_douglas@Greenleaf_Music How a Star Trumpeter Makes Money Even When Jazz Can't http://t.co/zHql2HThdv #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockRT @GlennZaleski: My new record, "My Ideal", is available today from @SunnysideRec ! http://t.co/qJZ0UTvaZGReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockSo, here's that Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume violin I was going on about. Beautiful! Want to learn more… https://t.co/DncJfZONivReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockJust played a violin by Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume and I'm happy to report that I sounded better than usual. Patrons may DM me. #holyshat #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI can diagnose "engine knock" in a 2005 Outback now. Sadly, knowledge came at a price. To replace engine or not, that is the question. #FBReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockPlayed some of these things last night. Thank you to everyone who came out to @rockwoodnyc for our… https://t.co/4VqsrPFTrKReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: New York, NY - Mar 12 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 http://t.co/dawUYmx6CpReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Tomorrow: New York, NY - Mar 12 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 http://t.co/V4vPzqn8zkReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThanks to Downbeat Magazine for the 4-star review of our new CD Perpetuity! http://t.co/p6Kiyjo2t6 @… https://t.co/PM7TQf3cnLReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockLA night-owls tune in to @KPFK tonight 12:45-2:15am as Ollie Bivens spins selections from "Perpetuity" @PhilMarkowitz @DotTimeRecords #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockThe last surreptitious bootleg of @lailabiali & @zachbrock 's secret rehearsals for next Thu… https://t.co/PforIwYtvHReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockCarrot juice & cold brew = powerful pre-shed cocktail as I prepare for our duo concert at Rockwood 3… https://t.co/O0rs3nqLqnReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Just Announced: New York, NY - Mar 12 at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 http://t.co/gNywR6rCt2ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockExcited to play @RockwoodNYC Stage 3 next Thu, 3/12, 7pm w/ @lailabiali Tix at http://t.co/urgMs5LmyQ Stick around for @serenajost after.ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI just backed Nikki Lerner's new album: The Things We Never Say on @Kickstarter http://t.co/Y7R0AX624v #fbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockDear LA (and surrounding areas), I will be back (for this at the very least). Thank you for all the… https://t.co/YyY92XX9H0ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockHey LA, we're hitting at 9pm TONIGHT! Blue Whale, 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka Street Los Angeles, $15… https://t.co/aQX8vKv0USReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: Los Angeles, CA - Mar 3 at Blue Whale http://t.co/PlpbgYxAxqReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockBlue Whale TONIGHT 9pm 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St, L.A. $15 Zach Brock, Sam Barsh, Mark… https://t.co/dHSGeUkxQZReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Tomorrow: Los Angeles, CA - Mar 3 at Blue Whale http://t.co/M7FUL6XwXbReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockFirst "fancy" coffee of the tour! (@ Blue Bottle Coffee) on #Yelp http://t.co/SLhTYlr7pHReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockFun hang at The Thirsty Crow! There's a pretty slammin' band happening and quite an impressive… https://t.co/sGHmZgWQo6ReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrockI know what's not on today's shopping list. Gonna be having a drink at The Thirsty Crow in LA… https://t.co/lWcxgd95XcReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock♫ Today: Richmond, CA - Feb 28 at Point Richmond Jazz http://t.co/Etb3hSfKHuReplyRetweetFavorite
@zachbrock10am masterclass today is at 714 Western Drive. The house is accessed by a small unnamed driveway/street above. See you soon! @CJCberk #fbReplyRetweetFavorite


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