Just Announced: Elkins, WV - Aug 5 at Jabberwock https://t.co/OrpPr1cE43 0 0
Just Announced: Thomas, WV - Aug 3 at The Purple Fiddle https://t.co/KYhAXddO30 1 1
Here's a great interview w/ legendary engineer James Farber @tapeopmag https://t.co/siq5qiYn29 #jazzviolinholyshat https://t.co/u85peVSVuf 6 5
RT @RealSnarkyPuppy: The incredible violinist @zachbrock getting weird on "Big Ugly" from #CulchaVulcha. https://t.co/8Jp7lTUluS https://t.… 20 0
At 55 Bar tonight at 10pm w/ a killer band and sitting in w/ the sublime @sleepinbee beforehand. Come for both! #nyc #jazzviolinholyshat 1 5
I just backed Help The Wee Trio launch their first Collaborative Album! on @Kickstarter https://t.co/chXJmSqJip #jazzviolinholyshat 0 2
Huge thanks to the actors, audience, and crew @YaleSummerCab last night. What a treat to play w/ @MagicNumberTrio again. #jazzviolinholyshat 0 6
RT @joeartdotcom: TP for my bunghole. TP for your bunghole. TP for every hardworking American bunghole. #areYouThreateningMe https://t.co/y… 1310 0
Just rehearsed for the show. Going to be be amazeballz. TONIGHT at 8pm. https://t.co/wk36dAHRaO #jazzviolinholyshat https://t.co/jT6rYXxTCg 3 4
So good! Check out all of Nathan's videos.Never miss a violin shift again. @natesviolin https://t.co/0gBSGBg8Q7 #tech #jazzviolinholyshat 1 4
Brock, Ridl, Tarry, Almond @ 55 Bar Next Wed, 10PM - https://t.co/iZvD2CqVOv 2 6
Come play #PokemonGO at out gig! Brock, Ridl, Tarry, Almond @ 55 Bar Next Wed, 10PM #jazzviolinholyshat 1 5
Headed to @BlockCello Camp today. Looking forward to seeing my #stringfam Gonna teach some @RealSnarkyPuppy this year! #jazzviolinholyshat 1 7
Just watched an honest and moving short doc about life on the road called #milestogobeforeisleep @Showtime #roadlife #jazzviolinholyshat 0 4
Sometimes after a gig, late at night, you just gotta watch #predator #jazzviolinholyshat 2 9
Hey folks, I just backed a project by my colleague Brent Chancellor. Help make it happen for LUX https://t.co/Sl8LxTeStx 0 2
RT @boutwillismusic: #PostcardsFromTheRoad // US Tour - No. 5: Playing @GaTheatre tonight w/ some of my favourite ppl on the planet. https:… 4 0


There's never been a better time to be a string player. In the not-so-distant past we had to fight musical stereotypes to do anything unusual or creative with our instruments and then fend for ourselves in a world run by Top-40 radio and old-school promoters who only booked the standard "Big 5" genres. Nowadays if your string playing is non-traditional then your biggest challenge is no longer to break out of "the box." Your biggest challenge is to build a box; your very own special, wonderful, beautiful box. It's really more than a box. It's your clubhouse. It's a secret fort. Only you can construct it. Once it's built it still needs to be refined, reinforced, and decorated. When it's ready you need to throw a big party and invite all of your friends. Then, when they arrive, tell them to invite their friends. Party in that box until it falls apart. Then go build a new box. #jazzviolinholyshat

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Here's some new footage from the Culcha Vulcha session. I can't wait to hit the road again w/ these guys in August! #jazzviolinholyshat
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The incredible violinist Zach Brock getting weird on "Big Ugly" from Culcha Vulcha. Album available here: store.snarkypuppy.com/pages/music

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