The Magic Number (MP3)

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The Magic Number (MP3)


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The Magic Number is an acoustic trio with Zach Brock on violin, Matt Wigton on bass, and Fred Kennedy on drums, as well as wordless vocals and pitched percussion. The group’s unusual instrumentation allows for a wide variety of sounds, from sparse to dense, and the group’s repertoire is a mix of Zach’s original compositions with original arrangements of modern and classic jazz and pop standards. The absence of either piano or guitar demands extra harmonic duties from each member of the trio, including chordal techniques from the strings and a more contrapuntal approach to the musical arrangements overall. 

The Magic Number recorded their first self-titled CD with the generous support of their fans through the website Kickstarter. The trio made it’s international debut at the 2010 Toronto Jazz Festival and they are currently on tour in support of their new CD, released on March 23, 2011. 

This recording was made possible with the help of our fans, friends and families through Kickstarter. 

Very special thanks to: 
Josephine Ancelle, Beth Bogart, Dan & Jenny Brock, Morgan Childs, Susan Coats, Jeffrey Coe, Dennis Connors, Richard Curtis, Jon Deitemyer, Lucas Fifer, Adam Fisher, Frank Forte, Will Gilliam, John Greenway, Erin Greenwell, Chris Halifoux, Amelia Handzel, Sallie Harper, Jim & Dianne Harper, Jason Harris, Deadra Hart, Lynn Horwitz, Phyllis Jenness, Marion Joyce, Simon & Suzanne McCarthy-Kennedy, Fred & Joyce Kennedy, Greg Kochan, Eric Liu, Cynthia & Judah Lowell, John Mazunik, Laura McKenzie, Anne & Eric Miller, Nancy Nolan, Sinje Ollen, Anne Marie Parsley, Nicholas Photinos, Arthur Pikler, Tracy Robinson, Peter Seman, Ken Shapero, Robin Small, Bonnie Sowder, Ashley Stamper, Tracy Stark, Karl Stillner, Leigh Stuart, Lynsey Sugarman, “Sweet” Sue Terry, Amanda Tosoff, Stacey Underhill, Chris Vandeyacht, Lori White, Mike & Diane Wigton, Douglas R. Wolfe, Eunice Yi, Arthur & Laurie Zucker


released March 24, 2011

ZACH BROCK violin, baritone violin, voice
FRED KENNEDY drums, percussion

Additional percussion and vocals by Scott Anderson

Produced by Scott Anderson
Recording Engineer: Michael Brorby
Mixing: Scott Anderson
Mastering: Scott Anderson
Recorded: May 20-22, 2010
(p)© 2011 Secret Fort Records

Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Graphic Design: Janis Vogel

TOTAL TIME - 48:05

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.