ZBRO is an exhilarating ride through the past half century of American music. Comprised of some of today's brightest musical lights, the band delivers performances that range from heavy and immersive to nimble and intricate, often within the same song. Audiences are spellbound.

At it's core the band is a quintet of violin, guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Whether they're ripping through some math-y Crossover jazz, luxuriating in a burnished Americana ballad, or delivering a dose of withering Funk, ZBRO retains a soulful center as it connects with audiences from all over the world.

This band is best presented at:

  • Festivals

  • PACs

  • Clubs

  • 1st Night Events

  • College/University Concerts

  • Fundraisers

  • Museum Concert Series

  • Wineries & Distilleries

  • Local Concert Series

  • Jazz Cruises


The solo performance is the most intimate way that one can experience a performer. Zach Brock has been playing solo shows for the past decade and has developed material that luxuriates in this restricted orchestration. When Zach plays solo anything can happen. Acoustic and electronic, instrumental and vocal, programmed and spontaneous - everything is on the table. 


Zach's Solo Show is best presented at:

  • Recital Halls

  • House Concerts

  • Camps

  • Churches/Synagogues

  • Museums

  • 1st Night Events

  • Art Galleries

  • Fundraisers

  • Wineries & Distilleries

Zach's Solo Show is also perfect as an opening act for a headlining act at festivals and concert series.

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