“I called the great French violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and I said ‘So, who’s the new cat? Who’s got the stuff? And he said Zach Brock.” —Stanley Clarke, virtuoso bassist & jazz legend

“…not only is he my favorite violinist in the world but he’s also one of my favorite musicians, period.”
—Michael League, founder/bassist of Snarky Puppy

“Unclassifiable variety and spot-on playing” —Downbeat Magazine

“We should give thanks for the deepening contributions of Brock” —Chicago Tribune

“Zach is the one on whom to place your bets in jazz”
—Patricia Barber, Blue Note recording artist & Genius Grant recipient

“Zach Brock is starting to turn heads in the world of jazz… classic American jazz with one eye on the fringes.” —The Louisville Courier Journal

“Add Brock to the small list of players finding ways to bridge the potentially hazardous chasm between the violin and jazz” —Los Angeles Times

“Brock acquits himself with audacious ingenuity and masterful command of his instrument”
—Jazz Times

“He smashes all the previous conceptions of jazz violin” —Phil Markowitz, pianist/composer

“Stands tall as one of the notable post-millennial voices in jazz violin” —All About Jazz

“His solos have direction and spirit, and they open a window to an ordered but creative musical intelligence” —Chicago Jazz Music Examiner