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"Facility can inform your creativity but it’s not where the creativity comes from.”

In Shat Talk Episode 005 I spoke with three time Grammy Award-winning guitarist and composer Bob Lanzetti who is releasing his debut record Whose Feet are These That are Walking on September 29.

Whose Feet are These That are Walking consists of six original compositions written over an 8-year period, as well as a cover of the Beach Boys’ single ‘Caroline No.’ This instrumental record organically melds together a variety of genres including Americana, Jazz, Avant-garde, Rock, Afro-beat, and Country. The compositions are melodic and “tuneful,” with the guitar acting, at times, more as a lead vocalist than a lead guitarist.

Whose Feet are These That are Walking features Bob Lanzetti on electric, acoustic, baritone, and hammertone guitars and piano, Philip Sterk on pedal steel guitar, Matt Aronoff on bass, and Jordan Perlson on drums. Additionally, several tracks include different guest musicians including members of Snarky Puppy (Cory Henry and Michael League). Having played together in a variety of settings for over 10 years, the band is able to move as one, effortlessly changing styles as well as weaving between composition and improvisation. Whose Feet are These That are Walking is set to be released on September 29th with a US tour to follow.

All songs composed by Bob Lanzetti except “Caroline, No” written by Brian Wilson and Tony Asher.

The songs heard in this podcast are: 

Caroline, No
Jenny Is A Donkey
Happy Stranger

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“In order to create something you’ve gotta have limitations.”

We're finally back! For Shat Talk Episode 004 I spoke with three-time Emmy-nominated pianist and composer Steve Sandberg whose scoring, songwriting, and musical direction for “Dora the Explorer,” “Go, Diego, Go!,” and “Dora and Friends” helped to make these shows the landmarks that they are in children’s television worldwide. We discuss his new classical and world music quartet called Alaya, of which I am a part, as well as his time in the electronic music department at Yale, his passion for Afro-Caribbean, Brazilian, and Indian music, playing in the Rei Momo band w/ David Byrne, studying with Seymour Bernstein, and lot’s more.

To go to the fun-funded project page for the new acoustic Alaya CD with Zach Brock go to…-Steven-Sandberg

Music samples courtesy of Steve Sandberg.

"Elastic Plastic Generation" by Steve Sandberg(from Elastic Plastic Generation, 2015, Teknofonic Recordings)

"Unicorn Scene" by Steve Sandberg (from Dora The Explorer, Viacom Entertainment)

"Oromi" by Steve Sandberg ‎(from Daniel Ponce's album Arawe, 1987, Antilles New Directions)

"Prelude No. 2" by Steve Sandberg (personal recording)

"Master of Prayer" by Steve Sandberg (from Alaya, 2015)

"Janos" by Steve Sandberg (from a soundcheck at Cornelia Street Cafe, 2016)

"A Dream" by Steve Sandberg (from Alaya, 2015)